Wireless Xbox 360 Controller Review

A Wireless Xbox 360 controller is amongst the lightest weight and most sleek and stylish remote out there, other preceding game controllers have been much heavier and bulkier than this game controller. An individual can effortlessly play without getting exhausted from holding onto this hefty controller, It's entirely packed with standardized equipment. You are unable to get this type of technological game playing knowledge any where else but from this remote. It has all the options that you may ever need to win versus your buddies or game playing guys. Now if you are preparing to purchase one of these handheld remotes, commence challenging your associates all over the internet, simply because you will dominate the competition by owning this wireless Xbox 360 controller.

Combined with standard control keys to manage your video game, it also has an awesome style so that gamers can play in a relaxed manner, as long as a gamer is at ease with his controller, he will keep on succeeding with his video games. Ease,comfort and capability are achievable as long as this controller is being used. In addition, it also has a shake feedback for a modified gaming experience, many people like the vibration feedback purpose because other remotes don't have this new function. It is one thing new in the wireless controller that was not present in other remotes. Snarled and twisted cables will not frustrate you any longer. What more does a video gamer need? You can perform effortlessly while laying back on the couch within a specific range and having all the fun you want from the ease and comfort of this controller.

Video games have grown to be one of the best preferred pastimes in young groups of people, more and more video games with more technical specs have been launched. This has made the older generation group start to take part in video games as well. Wireless Xbox 360 controller is the new improvement in playing, what I like best about this controller is that it has no cable connections at all.

RF Online Game Review

RF Online is one of the most awesome and exciting MMORPGs that I have ever played. RF or Rising Force Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by South Korea for Windows-based PCs, which is a combination of classic science fiction and fantasy. The story of the game revolves around the distant world of Novus. It centers on the gripping three-way conflict among three races namely the Bellato Federation, Accrecia and Cora in a beautifully rendered 3D environment.

About The Characters

The Bellato race are dwarf-sized but has the ability to wield magic, swords, staves, guns, bows and technologically advanced weapons like the MAU or Massive Armor Unit. What I loved about the Bellato is their ability to ride the MAU. A MAU is a huge robot that can only be piloted by a Bellato. There are two kinds of MAUs available in the game. One is Goliath, which is a MAU that specializes in melee attacks. The other is Catapult, which has a long range attack capability. A MAU has a high maintenance because it cannot be healed and its life can only be recharged in a Bellato NPC shop at an expensive price. However, they can destroy other races with just a few attacks and they are effective tanks in battle.

On the other hand, the Cora are elf-like creatures who possess strong affinity with nature. Although they can wield staves, swords, guns and bows, they are more effective using magic. They also have the ability to summon an Animus to aid them in battle. I am not much of a fan of a magic wielding character but a powerful Cora mage with a summoned Animus can destroy a MAU provided with the right strategy.

Star Wars Video Games PSP DS Wii and Xbox 360

Star Wars took the world by storm with its intriguing plot, terrific graphics, and mind blowing action and adventure. Riding on the success of the movie and the television series came innumerable number of video games. Featuring thrilling action sequences and interactive game play, these video games became very popular among avid gamers. Two of the most popular video games are The Force Unleashed and the Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes Game.

The Star Wars - The Force Unleashed Game (DS, Wii, and Xbox 360)
The Force Unleashed is a gripping video game that takes you on an adventure across the universe. Developed by LucasArts, this thrilling Star Wars video game makes use of Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) technology to incorporate physical properties to the environment. So, when a glass breaks or a piece of wood snaps, it looks and sounds very realistic. A behavioral-simulation engine known as Euphoria is also used in this action adventure game. This technology makes the characters think, react, and interact like human beings.

Set in an era between the Episode III and IV of Star Wars, this thrilling game reveals hitherto unknown secrets about the Star Wars galaxy. Bored of being the good guy all the time? In this video game, you can play the game as Darth Vader's "Secret Apprentice", StarKiller and get rid of Jedi. When it comes to powers, you will have so much that you can completely annihilate your enemies. Darth Vader's "Secret Apprentice" has four core Force powers such as repulse, lightning, grip, and Force push. Use these powers individually or combine them to completely destroy your enemies.

Four Great Nintendo Wii Games You'll Never Be Able to Play Outside of Japan

Given that the Wii was produced by Japanese company it makes sense that there would be a few games for the console that would only be available to gamers living in the land of the rising sun, which is a massive shame because there are a lot great Wii games that have yet to be localized for Western consumers and also quite a few that, for whatever reason, never will be.

Captain Rainbow

In this game you play a guy with his own TV show, a super cool yo-yo and a magical belt that turns him in to Captain Rainbow. Through a very bizarre turn of events involving a makeshift raft and a pink rabbit you find yourself without your magical belt and yo-yo and stuck on an island called Mimin. As well as being home to a lot of Nintendo's most famous and iconic characters, it is also full of puzzles, mini games and quests you must complete in order to gain your powers back. I'm not exactly how well a game this off the wall would fare in any other place in the world but I'd certainly like to at least try it out.

Eyeshield 21: Field Saikyou no Senshi Tachi

When it was released in 2007 this game was touted as a glimpse at how the Japanese saw American football. As is typical for Wii games you have to waggle and shake your way through an extremely stylized version of the popular American sport. I've never been able to make it the whole way through a game of British soccer let alone American football, but I would have loved to had a go at this anime influenced comedy sports game that seems more like a bonkers arcade game than any Western sports game I've seen.

Sometimes You Just Need An Arcade Game

For some of us, playing video games is a hobby. You sit down and immerse yourself into a story about this amazing new world, and inside of this great new adventure, and of course about an amazing hero or heroes. There is so much detail that goes into the stories of video games and most of us don't even notice. Years ago they didn't have detailed stories about the video games they made. Arcade games lacked stories, but they did not lack entertainment.

Some games like Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pong, etc did not have stories written down, the stories were in the titles. Space Invaders was a game about aliens from space invading the world, and you were a lone ship who's mission was to stop the invaders from landing and taking over the world! Asteroids was just a game that involved you defending yourself from large masses in space... SHOOT!! PEW PEW!! The list goes on.

The great thing about these video games though was the fact that you did not have to know any story with them. You paid your money and took your chances at getting the high score. That was another great thing about arcade games, high scores. Games could just go on forever making your quarter, to you, worth a whole lot more than what it seemed. The game just kept getting harder and harder until you messed up or until you just could not handle the speed. Some of the arcade games were made by mistake and were never meant for the public.

What Are The Best Video Game Jobs?

If you are a zealous gamer who loves everything to do with video tournaments then you have no doubt considered obtaining a gaming career. There are certain jobs obtainable in the gaming industry and there are more of them than you might think. A few of the several types of employment you could seek would include graphic game tester, game designer, producer, programmer, animator, sound designer and public relations manager. These gaming professions are essentially in two different groups. One group of jobs is directly responsible for creating the games while the other group focuses on running the business.

Many of the people looking for video and animation game careers are doing so for the reason that they may be enthusiastic video players and want to have a career which interests them. They are well-informed about video games and additionally they know very well what a good game looks and feels like as well as understanding what makes a game pleasurable to play and popular. A job as a video game tester can be an entry level position that can let people enter the video game industry. This can be an interesting career that pays people to experiment with all of the newest games so as to test their capabilities.

The job of a video game tester is to ensure that any new game functions properly and that its content makes sense. The game must run seamlessly and the whole thing must be in context and work together. In doing this occupation you would also inspect all of the technical components to make sure that they were working the way that they should. You will need a passion for gaming to follow this job but because testing video games is such a popular career, you must also have an educational qualification something like a video play offs degree or anything similar.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus - Review of the Playstation Vita Video Game

This is a weird review to tackle, because by now this game has been around for eight long years and been re-released numerous times. The obvious thing to do would be to just focus on the Vita specific features of this latest packaging, but that's pretty boring. I've never personally reviewed Ninja Gaiden, so I'm going to give this a solid review that will hopefully appeal to Vita owners who have (somehow) never actually played this game.

So let's start with a bold statement: I think (the original) Ninja Gaiden deserves the title as one of the best action-adventure games to ever grace a console. It's not perfect, and time has caused its flaws to be magnified, but the combat system is as tight as ever. Every sword fight is fast and intense, and every battle you participate in could be your last. You absolutely must master (at the very least) the basic techniques, since as you have probably heard, this game is notoriously difficult.

And it is difficult, especially by modern standards, but Ninja Gaiden's difficulty is discussed much like Demon/Dark Souls' difficulty: as an exercise in hyperbole. Like those games, Ninja Gaiden is significantly challenging, but with patience and experience the game can be bested. A quick tip: learn how to block and dodge. These combat techniques are non-negotiable.

Video Game Reviews - How to Make Money by Writing About Video Games

You have probably heard of people who get paid playing video games. These people contact game companies directly and are called beta testers. That is one way to make money playing games but there are several more. If you happen to like writing, you might want to get into writing video game reviews.

Video game reviews are very important to game creators. These reviews, especially ones posted online, affect their sales and the many ways that they can improve their products. As a consumer, there is a way for you to make money by writing reviews on the games that you play.

There are many websites online that will accept reviews of video games and pay you good money. Some great examples are Associated Content and Constant Content. You can also check into websites that offer freelance writing gigs. These are owned by people who make money with their game-related content. By providing your game reviews, you help them earn and you get to make good money as well.

If you don't feel like checking web pages and people that look for video game reviews, you can always make your own game website. You can easily make a blog with all your reviews and rake in money by putting Good AdSense or offer games for sale through affiliate companies. This particular move will require that you be quite knowledgeable about SEO and Internet Marketing. If you know a great deal about having web content that will help bring readers, you stand to earn a lot from your video game reviews.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Video Game Review and Game Release Date

The heavily smash brothers inspired, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game has been the focus of many gamers since it was initially revealed. The game has been loved by those who have played it and the way it feels makes it a unique experience for the Sony consoles. Speaking of unique this is the first game that will allow characters from different brands and franchises to battle it out on the same screen on a Sony console. It is also a game that is available on the Vita as well, making use of the cross play aspects of the games PS3 and Vita players can battle it out against each other.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Gameplay focuses on building up a super and taking out a few of your opponents or all of them with a specific attack. There are three levels of supers that the game allows. Through constantly attacking your opponent you can build up your super and then release it whenever you want. Although this gameplay mechanic seems simple there are different strategies that work for different players. Some characters have devastating level 3 supers that are well worth the wait; other characters can make use of their level 1 or level 2 super and constantly take out opponents again and again. The goal is to get the most points before the time runs out meaning that you have to find the best way to get rid of opponents and avoid being defeated yourself which changes drastically between characters.

When it comes to the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Characters there are a large number of them to choose from. The characters all come from games that have appeared on the Sony consoles throughout the years. These characters are some of the more recent ones that you will recognize such as Cole from Infamous and Sackboy from little big planet. Older characters are available as well including Parappa the Rapper and Spike. If you really want a veteran in the fighting game saga you can even select Heihachi from the Tekken franchise. Several other characters are still to be announced, so you can expect a wide variety to choose from in the game.

Final Fantasy VII Game Review

Final Fantasy VII is by far the best and most popular game in the Final Fantasy series. This role-playing game (RPG) is a combination of sci-fi and fantasy, which was developed by Square Enix and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the seventh in the series, which was released in 1997 for the Sony PlayStation and was made available for MS Windows-based PCs in 1998. This installment broke barriers in the Final Fantasy series by being the first to use stunning 3D graphics and fully generated 3D images of the characters. It features nine playable characters with various specialty weapons and special skills called Limit Breaks.

The story revolves around a character named Cloud Strife, an ex-Soldier who joins the rebel group called AVALANCHE as a mercenary. He helps them in their campaign against Shinra Corporation whose shady operations are continuously draining the life of the planet. But during their conflict with this corporation, Cloud and his group encounter his old comrade named Sephiroth, the game's antagonist who would ultimately become the planet's greatest threat. Cloud's quest to unravel the mysterious purpose of Sephiroth leads him to various places wherein he meets other playable characters like Red XIII, Yuffie, Vincent, Cid and Cait Sith.

The game has three major areas such as the world map, field map and battle screen. The world map is a 3D environment that can be navigated by foot, chocobo (an ostrich-sized bird), sand buggy, plane, submarine or the airship called Highwind. The chocobo and vehicles in the game enable the character to go to areas with rigid terrains or across water masses, which cannot be travelled by foot. On the other hand, the field map depicts a 2D environment inside towns, structures, grasslands or mountains. While the combat mode portrays the 3D model of the characters and enemies, which moves and magical spells are illustrated in a brilliant fashion.

How To Make A Video Game Review

It must sound fun for a lot of people to hear that a person can make a living out of making a video game review. However, what people don't realize is that making a game review is just as hard as any job out there. I started a blog thinking that I could make 1 game review a week, but I was wrong. Even if you only plan to make a review for casual games or even browser games, it will still take sometime to make a quality review. The good news is, there are certain areas that you only need to focus your energy on in order to make a reasonable review of the game. Here, I reveal to you my steps on how to make a video game review.

Research About The Game - It is important to include in your review what type of game you are reviewing. It's also useful to tell your readers when the game was released and on which platforms. Tell a little about the story or plot of the game but do not spoil the reader on important events.

Play the Game - You have to get some hands on experience of the game. I would suggest that you focus on the following areas

    Gameplay - In this criteria you can say about how fun the game is, how difficult it is and what sort of enemies you'd encounter and even how many levels there are in the game. You can give some tips and tricks on how to play the game here. Useful to some readers are the number of hours you played the game, but I personally don't record my hours played. It's also useful to tell the reader something about the unique features of a game such as if the game supports a day and night system, combining items to make new items, online mode, etc.